MM: Please describe your business.

My name is Elvira and I’m the founder/creator of Space, the one-stop shop for your special celebrations. I’m a natural-born entertainer who has always gotten a lot of pleasure from hosting dinner parties for my friends and family. I have an eye for design and a passion for linens. I LOVE to set up decor to fit the theme and have an obsession with finding just the right pieces to match. I have been helping families plan their parties for 10 years now and enjoy the process of meeting with clients and helping them through it all from the beginning to end.

MM: What makes you unique?

We offer all-inclusive party packages that include: unique SPACE, games, DJ, MC, dancers, giveaways, décor, a yummy menu and a professional staff to supervise.

I believe there are 5 key elements in pulling off an amazing event: the venue, menu, entertainment, decor and staff. Those 5 elements are exactly what we offer here at Space!

There is a science to this madness of the Bar/Bat world and I can assure you that we have nailed it! I also strongly believe in recommending a 4-hour party. I’m a firm believer that you always want them leaving wanting more! We offer the best 4-hour, incredible, all-inclusive packages especially designed to meet all your party needs. I have simplified the entire process for you and I hope that I have saved some of you the sleepless nights of worrying. I have taken great pride in creating SPACE and truly offer the perfect all-inclusive Bar/Bat Mitzvah party package. I promise that it’s conducive for both kids & adults & we won’t break your bank account!

MM: What can people expect when they hire you for their child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

A FUN PARTY with your family and friends. Keep in mind that this celebration is for a 12-13 year old. Keep things in perspective. Don’t over-do or over- spend. There are more important things to worry about. Make it fun! Let the kids be kids, play the games, enjoy creative & fun food, chill in a lounge setting, listen to great music, put on your dancing shoes & have the time of your lives!

Space in Englewood for Event or Mitzvah

Choosing the best NJ event venue is tough. When you’re planning an event, picking the right location is key, especially when you’re hosting both adults and kids at a mitzvah. One of the venues I love photographing is Space in Englewood, NJ. Photographically speaking, it’s a challenging location. The ceilings are tall and black, the amazing dance lighting changes in brightness constantly, and…yes, it will “snow” on my camera. However, the energy and emotions you can capture at Space are priceless. It’s just such a fun place! The kids get video games, laser tag, and bowling. The adults get a classy lounge, bar, and amazing finger food. (Guilty. I ate one). The last event had a sushi and taco bar plus the typical kid fare. Recently we photographed a gorgeous family who hosted their bar mitzvah at Space. First, here’s a few from their portrait session:

Besides the great food, Space is able to quickly transform the SPACE (heh, heh) for a ceremony, like our havdalah service here.

The video game area is a bustle of action and is the perfect way to distract the youth during cocktail hour.

I had the pleasure of visiting Space one morning during the week (I had accidentally left a light stand behind). Behind the scenes, the staff was building custom table center pieces for the upcoming party. Drills, sawdust, and a workshop! At our party, the crew had designed beautiful basketball centerpieces that were a joy to photograph.

Once the party starts, the music pumps (bring ear plugs, old people) and the lights blare. The party/club atmosphere is contagious and I quickly found myself dancing while shooting. (PS: Yes, I brought ear plugs)

So if you’re thinking of an all-inclusive venue that will knock-your-guest’s socks off, take a look at Space. It makes me look awesome when I can capture guests reacting to indoor snow and confetti!!

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