To the entire SPACE team,

Thank you for an amazing evening that we will remember forever. The foundation of your business is built on trust. While most of our friends worked closely for months with expensive party planners to plan every detail with third party DJ's, caterers and event spaces we came to you for a more simple and streamlined solution. What you asked of us in return was to trust that you would do what you promised. In fact when you told us that there was a Bat Mitzvah that would be ending at 5 pm - 1 hour before our sons Bar Mitzvah started at 6 pm with over 200 guests you promised us that you would be able transition "SPACE" with an army of workers. We trusted you and you guys came through with flying colors.

The transformation was truly amazing. And, your attention to detail throughout the evening again proved that we were right to trust you. The food was delicious, the DJ was wonderful, the MC made it fun for everyone and your entire staff was super friendly and helpful. Our friends and family had a blast and most importantly so did our son.




Elvira, Jim, Lindsey, Shannon, Barlond, Joseph, Sarah and the rest of the Space crew, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing our vision to life. It is an overwhelming process and after walking into SPACE, every detail was perfect. The decor was awesome, the food was amazing and the energy was indescribable! The party was spectacular from start to finish. You exceeded all of our expectations and helped make the night beyond amazing. You made our son's night everything he hoped it would be and we have no doubt he will remember his Bar Mitzvah at Space for the rest of his life!

The Abfier Family

Abfier Testimonial Abfier Family Testimonial Abfier Family

We had the absolute best experience at Space. It was an unforgettable night and we owe it to your venue and the amazing staff. I trusted and they delivered everything exactly as we wanted. She was patient and enthusiastic. We had a vision for the night and Space delivered exactly what we wanted. The DJ was amazing and the food was delicious. Elvira was flexible, energetic, and experienced. The venue provides so much for the kids that you really do not have to do a thing- from arcade to laser tag to bowling- it has it all. The party was nonstop energy. Thank you Space for making our daughter's party the best night ever!!!!

Thank you from the Freeman clan!

Freeman Testimonial Freeman Family Testimonial Freeman Family
Eisner Testimonial

"Dear Elvira, and the entire Space crew,

There are no words to describe my gratitude to you for making Eli's Bar Mitzvah so incredible. I remember looking at Space for Olivia's 5 years ago and there was a family there booking their 3rd Bar Mitzvah with you. I am so happy that we too get to do this all over again with Ethan in 2019! You made planning Eli's party a breeze. We gave you some ideas and off you ran. I knew we could trust you 100% having had Olivia's Bat Mitzvah at Space in 2013. Honestly I am having a hard time describing how good you are at what you do because I am still so excited about the night. Everything was perfect. The football like tunnel people entered through set the tone for the entire night. The cocktail hour had so much delicious food that people could not believe there was dinner. A friend told me she had never eaten more sushi in her life. My guests were amazed at the way you've transformed the "space" since Olivia's party, as they thought it was amazing back then. They raved that the food was even more spectacular than they remembered. People are still full!

I won't even get into the music. My feet are still numb! Charlie is amazing at getting everyone so excited and dancing. He has the best energy! I have never seen Eli's friends so happy. Eli's entrance was something we will never forget. That smile was priceless. THE NIGHT WAS PERFECT! Who can say that? I can go on and on. But again words and adjectives will not do justice to how we are feeling about the night. Grateful, special, unforgettable."

Love, love, and more love,
Stacey and Russ

Eisner Testimonial

"I cannot thank Elvira and Jim and all the staff at Space who made my son Charlie's Bar Mitzvah such an amazing, unforgettable evening that we will cherish for our lifetime. Such a professional staff, you made us feel so confidant that our night was going to be perfect, and it was! All my friends and family who have never experienced Space said it was the best Bar Mitzvah they have ever been to. And my son Charlie who has been to at least 12 other venues said that all his friends also said that this was the most best Bar Mitzvah they have been to. So thank you to all of you at Space that made our night the best night of my son Charlie's life. Charlie's exact words."

♥ Stacey Eisner

Stacey Eisner Testimonial Stacey E. Testimonial
Tonis Testimonial

"If you're having a party, this is the place to have it! Not only did my daughter feel special, the whole family did too! Every guest had something nice to say! Worth every penny, you will not find a better SPACE to have your event! Everything from the food to the decor to the photographer and even the DJ and the staff were over the top... I wish I had another reason to come back, they're that good!"

Anna Muti

Tonis Testimonial Tonis Testimonial Tonis Testimonial Tonis Testimonial Tonis Testimonial

Dear Elvira,

What an amazing party! We wish it had lasted another 4 hours at least!

From the moment we visited SPACE almost a year ago until we left on Saturday we felt that we had made the absolute right choice.

First and foremost, a big thanks to Maria, who is an absolute joy to work with. She is in every detail, before and during the party. She even made sure that we -as party hosts- would have food and drinks at all times. Maria did a marvelous job coordinating absolutely every detail: logos, banners, centerpieces, room set up and lighting, everything was exquisite.

The music was great, the ambiance couldn't be better, the grand entrance was a subject of conversation, the décor, the MC, the food; everything was amazing!

People kept asking me before the day of the event if I was going crazy and my answer always was that I was not stressed out at all because every detail was being taken care of well in advance.

Kudos and thanks to all the staff at SPACE. Everyone had an absolute BLAST!!!!! One comment that one of Joshua's friends made after the party sums it up pretty well: "this was the event of the year. It is going to be very difficult to stop talking about it for a while!" When a 13 year old makes a comment like that, you know you have nailed it!

Myriam & Richard Kaplan

JK JK Testimonial Kaplan

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Elvira, Diana, Charlie and the rest of the staff at SPACE for helping create the Bat Mitzvah of Dylan's dreams! We all had the most amazing night and everything was perfect! The cool lounge decor, lighting, DJ, MC Charlie (who had everyone up dancing), the delicious custom menu and stations, and amazing centerpieces were ALL outstanding! We loved every detail! Every guest was raving about how creative, energetic, unique, and delicious every aspect of the celebration was! You guys clearly know how to throw an awesome party! Thank you so much for everything!

- The Levitt Family

Levitt Family Levitt Family

Super Kudos to Maria and the Entire Space Staff,

You have truly made Sahar's sweet 16 celebration an event we will not soon forget(we are still reminiscing).

We entered and were immediately transformed from the tunnel entrance. Continuing into the main room and seeing her name and logo displayed prominently on the screen behind the bar and above the lounge area left no doubt who we were there for. The layout of the dance and dinner area, the center pieces, the color scheme, the candles and food all contributed to a wonderful event.

With their impeccable attention to detail and organization, Maria and the Space Staff made us feel extremely comfortable which allowed us to truly enjoy the evening as parents of the guest of honor.

Thank you again to the Entire Space family for making our daughter's evening memorable.

Safiah and Murad


We wanted to thank the ENTIRE Space team for helping to make Mackenzie's Bat Mitzvah such an amazing success. Elvira, Maria and Diana took our vision of Mack cosmetics along with a burst of Wham, Zap, Pow and Bam and transformed the place into her Mecca.

From the minute our guests entered through the tunnel that lead to the step and repeat, they were immediately brought into the world of MACK. Every detail - even down to the candles on the cocktail tables were personalized to match her theme...and that was just the beginning.

The cocktail hour felt like the appropriate warm up for the crowd to prepare for what was about to commence. From the minute the party room was opened, Charlie and team took the crowd into club mode. He made everyone in the family feel so special and the music never stopped.

Thanks to the entire Space team for translating our vision into the party of Mackenzie's dreams. This group of people is top notch in their professional and personal approach, super flexible and we cannot wait to work with them again in 2019!

Debbie, Lewis and Mackenzie Rubovitz



A special thanks to you and your team for making Dylan's Bar Mitzvah party so incredibly memorable. The place looked amazing, everyone had a great time and everything was exactly the way we wanted it.

I would be remiss if I did not call out Maria specifically. She was incredible throughout the entire process. In the planning phases- she was professional, courteous, creative, responsive and always available. On the actual day of his party- she kicked into gear and was ALL OVER every aspect of that party. She made everything look incredibly easy and she did not overlook one detail-- and there were many. She made our family feel very special and she made sure that no stone was left unturned.

On behalf of my family- I want to thank Maria for all of her hard work. It was very obvious and very very much appreciated. THANK YOU MARIA for making this momentous event so perfect !!!!!!

All the very best,

To Elvira & the Space Staff,


My wife Jen and I to came see Space one Saturday night nearly two years before our daughter Jillian’s Bat Mitzvah. We both remember being immediately shocked at just how transformed we felt walking in the door. Without hesitation we decided to put our faith in Elvira and her team.

To say that they delivered - would be an understatement. Diana, Maria, Charlie and the rest of the amazing team made it very easy for Jen to work through the details with them in the months leading up to our event.

When we finally walked in the door that Saturday night if felt like we were on a movie set. The venue looked beyond unbelievable and the production was run flawlessly. Friends and family were coming up to us during the cocktail hour with huge smiles and simply saying, “wow!” Charlie was masterful in keeping the vibe and life of the party at a solid 10 from start to finish.

Everyone we spoke to has said that our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was rocking and truly a night to remember. We can’t thank Diana, Maria, Charlie and the rest of the team enough for doing what they do best. Thank you thank you thank you.

Jen & Scott Garber


It's been two days since my daughter's bat mitzvah party at SPACE and while the whole, perfect experience flew by like a dream, I am slowly remembering details and moments that further convince me of your genius and the uniquely flawless experience of choosing SPACE for any important event.


As I look through photos and talk to friends, I am continually reminded of all those little details that made the party special. From the ideas I had or comments I made months ago that you carefully recorded so that I would find them fully executed when I walked in for our photo session before the guests arrived to the little and grand touches your innovative team created to enhance and highlight the theme or mood we tried to express. Somehow, you were able to understand exactly what I wanted when even I didn't fully understand what I was asking for, and turn that into a fully realized dream of a party. What impressed me most about the entire experience....and there is so much to applaud....was your staff. Everyone was 100% on board, professional and incredibly talented. The food was absolutely out of this world. We threw your chef a bit of a curve ball by requesting an all-vegetarian Bat Mitzvah party, but he never blinked an eye and proceeded to create an ingenious and creative menu that was not only delicious, it was downright decadent.

Charlie and his team of DJ and Dancers kept the party going. Every moment of this process, from planning through execution, was a pleasure. Working with you, Diana and Maria was a pure joy and the final product was more than we ever hoped for.

I feel like right now, for New Yorkers, it's like this well-kept secret. I don't expect it to stay that way for long! Thank you for making our special day more than perfect and for creating an amazing experience for our daughter, our whole family and all of our friends. We are so happy that we chose SPACE for our daughter's Bat Mitzvah party!

-Erin Peck
New York, NY

Dear SPACE Team,


Steve, Sam and I (and Avi and Harry) want to thank you all for everything you did to make Sam's Bar Mitzvah so amazing. It was so unbelievably awesome that it's hard to find the right words. Let's put it this way. As you know, I have extremely high expectations. Diana, Maria and the entire team surpassed every one of them. From the decor to the food to the music, everything was amazing. The attention to detail, the design, the entertainment and the staff were far better than anything I (or Sam or Steve) imagined. Whenever I was hungry or thirsty, Maria or Diana were bringing me food or drink, making sure I had what I needed while I was greeting guests, taking pictures, and enjoying the event. It was a wonderful experience. Before the event, several people were asking me why Englewood when we live in Montclair. But after, everyone has been calling and texting me to tell me how much fun they had and how amazing it was. It's definitely the best party I've ever been to and I can't even imagine what it would take to make it better - except perhaps more time.

Sam told me over and over how amazing it was and has been thanking me ever since. I have no idea what we'll have to do to top it for Harry and Avi, but I'm sure with you guys on it, it will be a no-brainer. And next time, I'll certainly worry less and enjoy more knowing you and your team have it all under control.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Michelle Rosen
Montclair, NJ


“Bill and I want to thank you and your team for making Luke's Bar Mitzvah absolutely perfect! From the gorgeous room, the warm service room, amazing centerpieces, to the extra special touches they put on the logo's - we couldn't have been happier. Everyone commented on how great the "Space" was and the help was terrific.

Diana and Maria were AMAZING! They made this so easy for me - took all, well most, of my stress away. Everything I asked for - every last minute detail was taken care of and they didn't miss a thing. They were so attentive to our family the entire evening - you are very lucky to have them! Thanks for making this an unforgettable night for our family!”

Jodi Chisarick
Livingston, NJ

Dear Elvira,


It just so happens that today is Thanksgiving. That's perfect because this year, we have one more thing to be thankful for! We are so thankful and grateful to you and your fantastic staff - Nikki, Maria, your decorators, the DJ, the MC and everyone else that helped pull our party together for the evening of November 19th - for making our son's bar mitzvah this an evening that we will all remember as truly incredible. Such care and attention was given to every little detail, making it possible for us to spend time with our guests without a worry. We definitely would not have made it through the event without Nikki! She is a true professional! Our greatest hope was that our son and his friends would enjoy the evening. Well - we can tell you that you and your staff delivered! The kids were up and dancing nearly the entire night while the adults were more than happy to hang back and enjoy the energy in the room - which looked spectacular! The lighting and décor was perfect and the centerpieces on each table were beyond what we expected. They were genuine conversation pieces! We really can't say enough! From the décor to the food to the music to the games and dancing. The evening was sheer perfection! The coolest club in the city would be lucky to have the vibe every night that we had Saturday evening at our event. Thank you again for a perfect evening!

With love,
The Mann Family - Hollie, Richard & Jett
Dumont, NJ

Dear Elvira:


Just a note to thank you for the incredible job you and your team did by designing and installing the décor at Valbella Restaurant in New York City in honor of my husband's 60th birthday party. You were able to design tables that evoked the elegance and sophistication in keeping with our James Bond theme. You kept a cool head, even on a busy and crowded Saturday in Manhattan. My husband was delighted and completely surprised by the atmosphere you helped create. As incredible as your parties at Space are, your artistic sensibilities really flow when you design offsite parties. You are an amazing talent and I am blessed to call you my friend. Thank you for everything!

Lots of love!
Dana Adler
New York, NY


“We are just coming down off our high for the weekend!! I am so grateful to you, Elvira, Diana, the MC, dancers and your entire staff! Never in our wildest dreams did we think we could pull off such an awesome party. Not only is Space the coolest venue a kid/adult could imagine, but you and the entire staff are incomparable. You catered to our every need right from the beginning. You calmed my nerves and held my hand (since I was completely overwhelmed) from the planning, to the decor, to the food, and handling the favors, you were in constant contact with me and even called and wanted to come in on your days off just to accommodate me. Your attention to detail is amazing and we will never forget your willingness to go above and beyond to help us in any way you could. I could go on and on about you (and I totally did during the party when everyone was raving about the food, centerpieces, arcade, the MC & entertainment, and just everything) .... You and Diana ran that show like nobodies business!! You made sure Andy and I were fed, that we had drinks, that the room was nice and cool for Andy ;-), that everyone was seated correctly, that the MC had every request he needed and you just handled every single detail so that we could enjoy our own party. The MC and dancers had those kids (and adults) up and dancing all night long. I have never encountered such an attentive, nice, energetic, fun staff. You are just amazing!! Jordan and his friends had the time of his life and for that I am most grateful. Absolutely I know who to call for our next party!!! My two younger ones are already planning their parties there - lol!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Lori (and Andy too!!) Krutman"
New City, NY

Diana, Nikki, Charlie, Elvira and the Entire SPACE Team,

Thank You!!! Our family truly thanks you all for creating and delivering the most outstanding Bar Mitzvah celebration for Drew that we could have hoped for. Saturday night was phenomenal in every way and was truly one of the best nights of our lives! You truly delivered and exceeded our vision and expectations with perfection. We truly loved absolutely everything!


Elvira, when I initially met with you and explained that we had already booked a traditional country club venue and a DJ and were vacillating overmaking a change, you just told me to go with what my heart and instincts were telling me. I couldn't be more thrilled and satisfied that I did! My son had the night of his life and so did our entire family. We had family and friends from near and far including all over the West Coast and everyone was in awe of everything at SPACE.

I'm sad it's over, but fortunately for all of us, we get to do this again in just two years. I don't think I can ever walk into SPACE or even think about it without a smile on my face. Drew had the party of his dreams last night celebrating with his friends and family. It was exactly what he wanted and I know that he will always remember his Bar Mitzvah celebration. It was the ultimate teen party that was awesome for adults and families too. Seth woke up this morning and asked if we could definitely have his party at SPACE too and is already planning it! So not "goodbye" ... but until we see each other again!!

With total appreciation and gratitude,
Alissa and Scott Frendel
New City, NY



"I wanted to thank you for Jenna's incredible Bat Mitzvah this past Saturday. You blew our minds, and there are hardly enough superlatives to describe the experience. Here are some of the highlights for us:

  • The service room you created was warm and intimate.
  • We're not sure who enjoyed the cocktail hour more: the adults or kids. The food was endless and delicious, and every guest had a different favorite. The kids were fully immersed in the incredible array of games, and a surprising number of adults also played.
  • The ballroom was gorgeous, with the lighting and table décor truly stunning.
  • The emcee was a masterful entertainer. The icing on the cake was the staff at Space, who exceeded our expectations before, during, and after the Bat Mitzvah.

Many thanks to Elvira and staff for a very memorable party."
Randi, Ross, and Jenna Serin - NYC

Dear Elvira, Diana, Maria, Nicole and the entire SPACE staff,


There are simply no words to describe how grateful we are for the incredible party you designed for Julia. There was never a doubt that we would be returning to SPACE after our son's Bar Mitzvah three years ago. And you did not disappoint this time! Every last detail of the party was beyond our highest expectations: the food, music, attentive staff, and most of all the stunning fabulous decor designed exclusively for Julia. You brought her #SparkleWithJules theme to life in the most beautiful creative way and we could not have been happier. From the logo banner, to the SnapChat geo-tags, to the light up lounge seating, to breathtaking table settings, everything was just perfect! And on top of all that, Steve and I were blown away by how attentive your staff was during our event. Whether it was making a food plate for us when we were too busy to eat, or dealing with a guest's food allergy, or even helping us arrange a surprise entrance for unexpected guests, we could not have asked for anything more. The complements about SPACE have continued pouring in, even aweek after the party!

Steve & Karen Cestari
Washingtonville, New York

Dear Elvira and team Space,


I wanted to take the time to thank you for doing such an outstanding job at Zach's Bar Mitzvah. From the challenging theme that forced you to innovate to differentiate from a similar themed event just days beforehand - to the centerpieces, decor, Charlie the DJ, the furniture, and everything you guys do, it was perfect. Kids had loads of fun, adults had a blast, and you made it all look totally effortless. Thanks again for all your hard work creating a Bar Mitzvah Zach will never forget!”

Dudi, Abby & Zach Feuer
New Milford, NJ


"It was even more amazing the second time around”!

That was the constant comment we heard from our guests during Dani’s Bat Mitzvah. Three years ago we had one of the best nights ever during Ryan’s party. Our daughter immediately knew then that she too wanted a “SPACE” event. It was an easy decision for us since we knew that all of the details would be handled professionally allowing us to focus on enjoying ourselves… and enjoy ourselves we did! Our guests raved about the food (your food stations were an absolute hit) and the décor was absolutely fantastic which really come through in the pictures and video. A SPACE party is known for its music and once again we were on our feet the entire time. The only negative that I would have to say is that a party at SPACE goes by much too quickly!

We look forward to sharing more family events with our SPACE “family” in the future. Once again our deepest thanks to you and your staff for providing us with a truly memorable day.

Hector and Stephanie DaCosta
Montebello, NY

Diana, Elvira & everyone else at SPACE,

We honestly don’t know where to begin thanking you for throwing Logan the Bar Mitzvah of the century! We would have emailed you sooner, but all 3 of our phones are still blowing up with unbelievable compliments from everyone there.

Your team made the night flawless. All 95 kids and 105 adults had the time of their lives. No detail was left out. The entertainment for the kids, the DJ, the decor, the staff & the food were all over the top!

Immediately after the party was over, Logan’s Bar Mitzvah was voted hands down by all the teens as by far the best Bar/Bat Mitzvah they have ever been to. Logan, his parents and siblings could not agree more!

We are so sad the night had to end, but the good thing is – we have 3 more kids!!

You guys are the best!!
Carl, Risa & Logan Calarco


Dear Elvira and Jim,

PERFECTION. We really can’t think of a better word. From the moment we booked SPACE, there was not ONE fear, ONE doubt or ONE question about hosting such an important milestone in our lives at SPACE. Both you and Jim ONLY care and operate with the highest integrity. Elvira, you, Jim and your staff delivered everything that was promised and more. When you say “Trust me we can do it”, it gets done a million percent.

Your infectious energy and attention to detail made us feel so confident that everything would only be perfect. You told us countless times that you would treat this as if it was your own daughter’s. Your vision was magnificent with such class and elegance. Seeing Tessa’s face with a smile ear to ear was priceless and everything to us. Nothing is more important than her happiness. There is not one thing that was missed. There is nothing that we wish we could change.

FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY!! Thank you for making Tessa’s Bat Mitzvah the most memorable and incredible evening. We had The BEST experience at SPACE.

Much love,

Steffie & Andrew Gorenstein

Dear Elvira & the Space Staff:

Once you become a mother you are never the same – your priority becomes protecting, guiding, watching, worrying about your child every second of every day! The happiness of that child many times dictates your own! We trusted Space and its amazing crew with Lexi’s happiness on one of the most significant days in her whole life. You did NOT disappoint, you EXCEEDED our expectations on every level: Service, Quality, Décor, Planning, Food, Timeline…even letting us run over our time because our guests would not leave! From the sound checks to your crew packing my car at 2 am – it was perfection!

I did not do a thing but enjoy myself and revel in what you created! As I told you Saturday, if I went to sleep and had a dream about the perfect party that I could give to Lexi, I woke up and it came true! It was the best day of our lives and for our family!

All our love,
Alyssa & Chuck Mogensen – Tenafly, NJ

Hi Elvira & Space Staff:

Just wanted to thank you for an amazing night last night! Everyone had a great time! Food was awesome. DJ outstanding. Even the adults were playing games. Very professional and Tyler and I were well taken care of!! I would highly recommend your venue to anyone who asks. Kids and adults had a blast!!

Amy & Tyler Adler


Elvira and Staff,
It’s been 2 weeks since Alexandra’s Bat Mitzvah and we haven’t stopped smiling yet! “The best night of my life!” is what Alex posted on Instagram that night and I have to agree.

Our party at SPACE was everything we had hoped for and more. It absolutely could not have been any better. From the planning to the execution, you and your team had our back through it all. And given how worried and anxious I was, that was no small feat. When we asked to adjust the menu or create new dessert items or bugged you for the most over the top candy bar ever, you were right there for us, walking us through every step, making sure to leave no detail unaddressed, even the ones I couldn’t think enough to ask about.

You helped us take our vision, our dream, and turn it into a reality.

Our guests were totally blown away by the experience. The phone calls and emails are still pouring in. Adults and kids alike had an incredible time.

The music never stopped and thanks to MC Charlie, the amazing DJ and dancers from HiNRG, the dance floor was jammed all night. The energy level was through the roof. veryone had the most extraordinary night! In fact, several friends and family are now considering having their upcoming simchas at SPACE.

Elvira, the memories you helped us create will last a lifetime – yes, we have photos to remind us of the special day. but the memories we all have of that special night are forever imprinted in our minds. Thank you again for making this the most incredible day for Alex and her moms!!!

We love you guys so much!

Melanie & Marla Sherman – NY, NY

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